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You have a unique brand with a unique voice. I'm here so that it can be heard and change the world.I will relentlessly research and analyze your target audience to tailor deadly copy that resonates with their deepest pains/desires and drives conversions.Here are some samples of the various styles and formats I've written in for many of my clients:



Communication is priority #1
You will never have to wonder about the status of a project or have a question go unanswered. Regular, scheduled communication with 24/7 direct access.
Details make perfection
It's the little things that make big things happen. Every piece of work I submit has undergone an ironclad process to produce incredible results.
Measure twice, cut once
I believe in asking the right questions up front to ensure I am meeting YOUR needs at all times.
Each brand is one of a kind
I will learn the ins and outs of your market until your business is equipped with the same weapons used by the top players—combined with sheer creativity.
I only get paid when you get results
My results are guaranteed. If for some reason you don't see the results you want, you pay nothing.


Tempe Hemp

Sometimes, there comes a reason to go above and beyond the call of duty.When a local and unregistered hemp clothing business reached out to me to write some copy, I saw the opportunity to turn it into a competitive brand with an online store.We talked for hours about the idea's potential.This conversation led to me single-handedly designing their entire website and brand from the ground up. To this day, I oversee their core strategies, copywriting, and digital marketing as their business continues to flourish.When I collaborate with someone, I'm not looking for a one-off job—I'm looking for a long-term, mutually beneficial adventure for me to put 150% of my expertise, knowledge, and effort into. If this is what you seek in a business partner, let's connect.


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